Check out eBay number 262882552540 It doesn't get much worse than these!!!

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And what would a psychiatrist say about the person who wrote the letter of authenticity?! What larcenous nerve.

Reported to ebay not sure if they will shut these 3 auctions down!

The autographs are bogus...the letter is  hysterical!!!! 

It was nice of Lennon to sign both albums for the guy with his early '60s signature in 1978.

Hey Steve...I love the guys letter...a work of pure fiction!! Too bad there are some people who'd believe it.....

Speaking of wrong signature...wrong favorite has to be a "SIGNED"

Milk & Honey album...with a COA...and the guy sold it!!! Lennon was murdered in Dec. 1980...the album came out in early(March I think) of had a it must be authentic!!! Amazing!!

Isn't that crazy? But we've seen similar things so many times. A lot of forgers thing they can get away with anything.

There was a Jan 2016 Bowie death announcement newspaper or mag "signed " by him as well.


Yahoo! - Just checked eBay and all three of the sellers bogus items have been removed. This is good news.

Laughably bogus.



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