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I use Amazon UK a lot - 80% of the signed items arrive signed and are legit although some things arrive not signed, I order multiples of the same items to ensure i get at least one signed item and anything else I send back 

Glad I passed on it...

Has anyone who ordered through the Warner Music Store (not her website) tried to request an order cancellation/refund? After losing all the money on the Bieber/Grande crap, I'm just trying to cancel a lot of my pre-orders to save some hassle with returns.

Yeah, and they're jerks about it. I finally just gave up and wrote it off as my own damn stupidity for thinking that that anything good would come from Cardi B anything.

I was able to cancel through Warner no problem. I included the following link when I contact customer service

I was just sent an updated shipping date on this one, now they say 12/25, seen a bunch of people canceling but I only ordered 1 and the total was about $13 so figured I might as well wait it out at that price

Well mine finally arrived from Warner UK and I’m going to go on record to say that this is the worst fake I have (knowingly) ever seen. Pretty sure it’s printed, but I can’t take the cellophane off so that I can return it.

To think that these are on eBay now and quite a few people are going to get this believing they have the real thing. If you search eBay UK at the moment you will see that one seller has four for sale and has put an image on there of all four together, clearly showing that each one is identical.

At the time of writing it appears that they have already sold one! Beggars belief.

Anyway, seasons greetings to you all and thanks to everyone who contributes positively to this forum by giving the heads up to the availability of signed items. I know my collection has been enhanced tremendously since I joined. Stay safe out there!

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I submitted a complaint to the BBB. WMG just isn't even trying here. This almost makes UMG look good.

Hasn't everything offered from this 'artist' been fake?  I know the last batch of signed lithos were autopenned and I heard the CD before that was also.   Why would anyone think these would be real?  Those videos of her signing are designed to dupe people thinking they are getting a legit auto.  They are mostly BS.  A few like Katy Perry and Swift are good however, but most are not.  I even think Gaga's CDs were good, even if it was just an 'L'.

Might be Niki Minaj you're thinking of there.

Not sure about Cardi but definitely Nicki, hers are stamped and she used the same stamp she  used on the ones I bought from her a couple of years ago because they are identical

Im mistaken, sorry, yes I meant Nicki,  I get these 2 mixed up all the time!



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