Greetings. I was hoping to get some feedback from fellow Doors fans on two items I recently purchased. This was the first major purchase for my collection. Sadly, I think I was scammed.

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I totally agree. It is clear that there is a triad between Dalshire, GFA and Live Auctioneers. Live Auctioneers should also be concerned about their brand because sellers like Dalshire dilute their reputation. I will never buy anything off that platform without doing extensive due diligence on the seller and the item.

That's a great point. When you're dealing with those big 5 bands (Doors, Stones, Beatles, Elvis, Beach Boys) -- and it's "complete" band signatures, the seller should have NO PROBLEM telling you how they were acquired.

It's how I was able to get a refund from Heroes & Legends, when they sold me a signed Doors piece for $750 about 20 years ago. They told me how it was acquired --- the drummer for the Damn Yankees. Wow, perfect. Guess what? A few years later, I interviewed that drummer. Said he never owned such a picture and if he did, he would have never sold it (and I did a great story on that drummer for Autograph magazine, which I'm sure you can find somewhere).

So, if something of that value was up for auction, it's not hard to say "Comes with a letter from the producer who worked with the Jimi Hendrix Experience in the studio and got this poster signed, hence the personalization from Mitch that says "To Jerry"  ... etc

Agreed. There’s nothing they could come up with that wouldn’t sound ridiculous, but it sure would be interesting if they tried. Morrison signed several copies in ‘70 or ‘71, the other three signed them 20+ years later, and Dalshire somehow ended up with multiple copies and they’re blowing them out at dirt cheap prices.

This is an interesting point. John mentioned that he fell into a large inventory from a consignor and that is what he is selling now on Live Auctioneers. He has an answer for everything...

He received multiple fully-signed Doors items including LPs from a consignor and thought that seemed perfectly reasonable, and then decided to submit the items to GFA? That’s adding insult to injury.


When you talk to John House next, ask him why he let this guitar that he and GFA say is genuinely signed by all 4 Beatles sell for the $100,000 high-bid, since Dalshire's estimate was $750,000-$1,250,000.

I will have to talk with him again in a day or two, so I will ask this among other things. It is interesting that an image of the COA for the letters was not included with the photos.

Steve I bet the guitar did not sell and you'll see it one of their future auctions. Unless they found an insane millionaire who would buy this piece of junk. 

I cannot believe somebody bought that guitar for $100K. I noticed some of their items, including the two I bought, have the band name written on the item. Is this a red flag?

“The Doors” on the LP is supposed to be in Ray’s hand. He did frequently write that, but it’s unusual to see it on the front cover of an LP. However, that’s the least of the problems with the LP.

Greetings everyone.

I wanted to thank everyone for the input on this case. As an update, this morning I spoke with my credit card company and they have received the evidence I submitted. They told me not to worry, they will get it taken care of and close it out soon. I will update the post when I have the final word in writing. Thanks again. Dave

Just wanted to update everyone on this case and report that it was officially closed by the bank in my favor. We received a letter over the weekend, it is nice to have that in hand. Interestingly, John House from Dalshire has not reached out asking for me to return the fakes. Thanks again for everyone's help and guidance with this matter.


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