Hey guys. I have the opportunity to buy this 92 dream team signed Jordan jersey but i have some concerns about the legitimacy of the PSA certification. The PSA database for B20413 lists the item as 'basketball' yet this item is a jersey. Should I steer clear? Do PSA ever list the name of the sport rather than the actual item in their database? Would be a dream piece if authentic but I am aware that there are plenty fake PSA COA and stickers doing the rounds. Do you think the signatures look authentic? Appreciate anyone's opinion.

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I am seeing way too many similarities in certain letters written exactly the same in different names.  At first glance, all signatures appear to be written in same the hand.

Thanks for the reply Steve. I actually thought the signatures looked pretty good but I'm certainly no expert. It was more the PSA database listing the item as 'basketball' that I was concerned with initially. But having someone question the signatures gives me even more doubt as to whether I should hand over my hard earned!! 

Me, too.

Stepping back and doing a general comparison I see similar strokes and loops throughout. 

The Jordan and others do not look right to me. I would avoid personally

Cheers for your thoughts Dan. Giving this one a miss!!


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