Signed first edition of Slaughterhouse Five - authentic or fake Vonnegut signature?

First time posting

I would love some assistance in assessing the validity of this signature.

Overall, it looks ok to me, except the * and the closing t look a little atypical.

Link to images here:

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I'm a huge Kurt fan and have wanted to get his signature on one of this classic books. This is his style, but it looks a bit off to me, like someone trying to copy his style. But I haven't done an extensive study on his signatures. Some people sign quickly, are drunk, or they're walking as they sign...and all kinds of reasons a signature could look a little off. That's the long way of me saying -- I just don't know.

I got KV several times back in the day.  TTM his signature was perhaps a little neater,  but the one you showed is not particularly suspect to me.

I'd keep comparing to others until you are confident one way or the other.



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