Hello, My father asked me to sell this for him but I am skeptical about the authenticity after reading about Antiquities California where he purchased it.  What do you guys think?  Thanks, Chris

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Not an expert, but I am VERY familiar with Bon’s signature variations throughout his life. Bon’s “signature” is 100% fake. He never signed like this at any point in his career. I also would not touch the other signatures with a ten foot pole, but I’m not as familiar with the rest of the boy’s signatures. They just don’t look right to me at all. Either way, with a fake Bon signature the value of this piece goes way down, even if the rest are genuine


I am by no means an expert (not even close) but I will post my exact album with the Bon Scott   signature in a much different form..animationcycle can be the judge.

Hopefully you can provide me with some feedback...I have no C.O.A....

Thank you and I hope my posting will help,


Hey Joe,

I checked out your post of High Voltage, and sadly, in my opinion, the Bon signature is fake. Letter size and form is all off.. Bon’s “B” is a big part of the signature and it’s written quickly, while this example looks to be slowly drawn on. Cliff’s signature looks to be done the same, even over-lined in a darker marker. Hope you didn’t pay too much for this piece :(

Thank you for your thoughtful response,

Could you please post an authentic example of a Bon Scott signature,

I'm having a very hard time finding one. It would really be great if

more comments were followed-up with true authentic examples...

It would be an informative learning experience so we don't make the same

mistakes again or preventing someone else from enduring terrible

mistakes - thank you animationcycle - would really appreciate it...

To help Chris H. with his answer which album is the Bon Scott signature

 closer to authentic - they are both world's apart - still not clear on that.


Oops, forgot to mention that. Joe’s album has a Bon signature more resembling an authentic. Bon never signed “Scott”, Rather “Bon AC/DC” Bon’s signature changed over the course of his musical career, starting with a B that is formed from the bottom of the letter, shown in picture 1 (a 1976 example) Over the years, starting around 1977, Bon’s B begins to form around the top of the letter. Shown in picture 2 (from my personal collection, a polaroid signed in 1979) A better example of this letter formation from 1979 is shown in picture 3 on paper. As for self authentication, I’d steer clear even if it looks to be correct, as it’s a relatively simple signature to forge. PSA and JSA authenticated examples are expensive but it’s better to be sure your piece is authentic.

Thank you very much animationcycle...

These are excellent examples to follow - great explanation as well.

This really helps me in the future to identify Bon Scott signatures.

I appreciate your thoughts as well on authentication,

I think I will put my album in park for awhile based on your

recommendation.....again great and helpful job!

You mentioned Sun Prairie,WI in an old post - lived in Madison,WI. for 5 years

right next door. What a great city.

I was hoping to get comments from other members on this album

for the other signatures.

Thank you again,


Agreed! Great city. The boys were playing Madison on the If You Want Blood tour later that day after my father got the signature. Both UFO and AC/DC played that night, and my father and uncle both agreed they stole the show! Oh to be a young boy in 1979… Far before my time.. My father also got some GREAT pictures from that night of Bon. No idea how they managed to get in front row haha!



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