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When I go to concerts I always look to see what signed items the artist may have at their merchandise booth.  Knowing in advance would be helpful and also may persuade me to attend a show.  I created this thread for people to share what I signed items were available a live shows.  

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I’m going to see Neil Young on 5/2. Anyone know if he seeks autos at his merch booth?

Went to see AMY GRANT last night in Newton, NC.  Great show.  Her signed item is the Poster.  The cost is a donation (any amount) to her cause.  So i gave a $10 one time donation and got it.  Of course they want higher monthly donations but did state available for any donation onetime or monthly.  My only complaint is those i call "A******* of the Human Race" before the concert. 

Friend of mine spotted signed Maggie Rogers vinyl at her show tonight, though it’s the “MR” initials signature.

George Thorogood and John Fogerty started their tour this week

Does either artist sell signed merch at their show?

Thorogood might...he has sold signed items at his concerts and on his online store in the past. I don't think Fogerty does though.

Fogerty has sold items in the past but be prepared to have deep pockets up in the range of $250.00 to $300.00 

Update: Nothing signed by John Fogerty

Thorogood is selling a signed vinyl for $100 and a poster for $200 (way too pricey IMO)

3 years ago I got a Thorogood signed poster at his merch booth for $50. 

30 years ago I got a signed poster for $5. It only matters what they sell stuff for today.

Meant to say $50. Not 5

Anyone know if Zach Bryan still sells signed posters at his concerts? 


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