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Bravado says "Signed Art Card" - is the LP from the official store signed itself? Was there any detailed information?

It said "signed vinyl" so I assumed that was what we were getting, but I'm beginning to suspect it will be an art card as well.

Just look at the close up picture of the autograph; the border is not the same as the vinyl. It looks like an art card that's slightly smaller (cut off).

If so that would be very misleading; the photo of the signature intentionally does not show the full product.

Yes, I think you are right. It really would be very annoying to pay extra import fees to get a signed LP and then get a signed card anyway - especially when Bravado offers it cheaper within the EU ...

Agree 100% !!! I would have also bought it from Bravado

and It's also on vinylcollector:

I'm not even most p-d about the import costs, that's the risk of the game, but I specifically paid my countries VAT added to the order and now DHL charges VAT as well. So I pay 42% plus handling costs instead of 21%. The shop probably did not follow the correct import procedure

Wait, the card from vinylcollector looks CD sized? Are all of them that size!??

Centerstage states: "Signed Insert Included. 11.4”x11.4”

Thanks. Just looked at the Bravado link and that seems to show a 12"-ish print as well.

Be aware Vinylcollector sometimes has different offers from the other stores, so if they show a small print you will probably receive a small print.

For example the latest Korn came with a vinyl- sized print from most stores, but Vinylcollector sent the CD-sized card with the vinyl.



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