Please see inscription of The Mickey Mantle Story. This is the third printing of the book and has no dust jacket. I picked it up in a thrift store and was intrigued by the autograph. At first, I did not think it was authentic but then I found a couple of examples of this same book that appeared just like this signature. Any thoughts are welcome. And thank you.

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Looks good

The autograph looks right to me. I don't know his handwriting well enough for you to rely on me for the personalization, but it looks OK, too. I think you may have just gotten yourself a bargain. Let's hear what others have to say.

The whole thing is authentic, awesome find!

Thank you all so much for your  feedback. I think I will put  this away as a part of  a college fund for my 7 year old. I bought it for 10 cents at the thrift store. Would it be worth having it authenticated  if I plan to sell years down the road?

And again, thank you for your comments.

Wow - sweet pick up!!

If you plan to sell it, you may want to get it authenticated by JSA or PSA/DNA at some point since most people are not familiar with this "version" of his signature. Just get an LOA, do not let them put their ugly stickers on it. These types of signatures typically end up as "cuts" slabbed by PSA/DNA. But to be honest, it's not going to pay for much of college. I would price it at around $250-$350ish if certified, and if you're lucky, with the LOA costing $100 of that. It's a nice old bold signature, but it's personalized, and on a book.

You may be better off just taking offers on it here and avoiding the hassle of sending it off to PSA/DNA and paying $100 for them to tell you it's authentic which you already know. If not just keep it, as it's a very cool story and well worth 10 cents!

Congratulations, Cythia! 

I'd put it away in a preservation quality bag or container with a label on it saying what it is. I wouldn't consider authenticating it until it's time to sell. 



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