Does this look authentic to you Nirvana experts out there? I'm trying to decide if I should bid on this or not but the Krist signature looks totally off and the Kurt signature looks a little strange to me. I've seen Dave sign like his signature is on this poster so that one looks okay to me. What are the Nirvana experts' opinions on this poster?

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I think that is whether you believe the story or not. Personally, the signatures look completely off, but it could be rushed. It's a gamble.

This auction ends today too GHRR with some nice Nirvana stuff

The only thing from that link that looks 100% beyond the shadow of a doubt authentic to me is this one:

Anything nevermind is worth a lot of money

But the setlist certed by JSA, the Fan Club certed by JSA (even though I agree those are weird), but a JSA cert is like gold, the receipt came from Julien's. 

I would trust it.

This signed promotional  poster was posted here on AML on April 16,2016. This poster is 100% legit. Many people have their doubts because of the unusual Krist Novoselic autograph. The Krist Novoselic  and Dave Grohl is spot on for that era. To date there are 5 of these posters including this poster in private collection. They were all signed for Geffen Records DGC executives during the release of In Utero album in 1993. Krist Novoselic and Kurt Cobain autographs were all over the place on these posters. The only consistent autograph on these posters was Dave Grohl autograph.

This poster on Iconic Auction was sold thru Record Mecca a year or two ago. 

Krist signed his name differently during this era. The signatures look good in my opinion and I trust Epperson when it comes to musician autographs. But, at the end of the day, you got to go with how you feel. 

Hammer Price: $25,286.00

Wow! I certainly hope it went to a passionate fan of the group. 



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