I have just got an email from a lady who says that he has found in their attic a box full of various items belonging to a man who lived in their house previously many years ago. There was also a photo with the autographs of the Beatles in the box.

She sent a photo of that photo to me to get to know if this is an original one or something else. I've done my best to research this but have not been able to get proof enough to judge this to be a copy, printed, secretarial or a real one. I’m sure there are many very professional The Beatles experts in this group who could help me.

The only thing I found on the net was a similar photo with very similar signatures of the members of the band. That was sold in 2014 in an auction which guaranteed the item to be a genuine one. However – it’s very odd that the selling price for that photo like that was only 800 USD, which I think is a bargain price for this kind of item.

I’d be happy to get your opinion or pieces of information to judge the photo I got.

PHOTO 1: From the box in the attic.

PHOTO 2: Sold by the Skinner Auctions in May 2014.



Thank you already in advance!

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Another on from 1968-9...

Notice how the "signatures" on the "Revolution" card are the same as the 1968 close-up pic...and are different from the earlier ones...

Great collection Jim, those were all Fan Club ones indeed and your pictures have jogged my memory of some of the other styles, it was about 35 years ago that I was most active as a dealer.

It's the type of picture in the OP that I don't recall seeing from a definite Fan Club source....I guess the odds are that they were all Fan Club autopened, even the 'Parlophone' ones.

Would these be worth anything? 

I think i have a couple of autopens. Although i cant seem to match the signatures exactly in photoshop with others i have seen.

I've looked closely at these, the strokes are done so well even fading off at the ends.

They are auto-pens for certain I'm afraid, and the signatures vary from the style they would have used from 1968 onwards.

Also it's very rare to see a set of all four signatures just signed first name only. You do see it more often where one or more has signed first name only though.



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