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I completed this recently.

Does anyone have any idea of value with the dedication? I see there are crazy prices on ebay but they seem ridiculous.

Would people get Gerard Scarfe the artist or leave as is?

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Hi Matt, I was not questioning it that way at all - I was just wondering if this is what he is producing these days. The "angry" "ZZ" ending of "Waters" is now a loopy ending/paraph I have not seen much of.  It seems fast - first he cranked out that "r" and not a "Rog".  

Yes, I didn't take it that way at all :-))  It's good to raise those things, in fact it's vital.  I thought it was important to include other examples as this could come up in the future.  Also, he wasn't rushing the graphs, so perhaps this is going to be a permanent thing. Thanks ;-)

Indeed Matt, and Si - I neglected to say "great item!". :)

Cheers mate. Its taken a long time and I was always abroad when Roger came over!!!

Well, its a great accomplishment! Here is mine from 9.16.17 NY. I have another from '92, a signed promo 8x10. This is an old scan - the cover is still in the thing I made for him to sign it. Now it is resting flat.

There's 1 or 2 of the Water's I have sold/or authenticated for others there as well. Great site!  Glad you like mine - thanks :) Had to choose a small item (I went prepared) - it was raining.

one of the nicest i have seen!! He had a really s*** pen for mine!!

Matt's is indeed lovely. In 2017 Waters was using DecoColor pens and on the dead flat matte surfaced new LP's, esp DSOTM, some of the gold/silver results were...less than desirable! I got as lucky as I could with the DVD contrast. I wanted the tour flat, but with the rain it seemed a dangerous idea due to size.

Very nicely done on the Wall LP. Looks like Waters reverted to a style he typical used in the early 2000s, where he mangled characters in his first name together without typical spacing you saw during the most recent tour. Still a nice signature from him regardless. Value wise I’d say at least 3k range even with the dedication. Very little supply on the market.

I took a gamble and sent my Wall LP signed by the three to Scarfes office in the UK. His manager was extremely nice even though I was sweating throughout the whole shipping process. The payout was well worth it. He signed the entire backside of my LP with an inscription. 

Wow, that's what I call holding your nerve...:-)

Excellent thanks mate. Would love to see how Scarfes turned out


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