The Signed Deluxe edition of Renegades will be on sale at Barnes & Noble on Dec 7th. Limit of one per person and instore only. No online orders . Barnes and Noble members only and the price is $500, 10% for members RENEGADES: BORN IN THE USA. ( 

and Amazon Renegades: Born in the USA (Deluxe Signed Edition): 978...

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I believe if you go on the Amazon live chat - 

you can ask them to change the shipping method for you, I did it just last week with an item 

Thanks James, I'm half asleep today - i contacted them - teh assistant confirmed they are shipping from the USA and limited to one per address

These are $300 on Amazon US now. But seem to be 1 per account so previous orders can't order more.

I got escalated trying to get a refund on the price I paid 48 hours ago and got nowhere. They told me to buy it on another account and get a refund on the first one. Pain in the butt - not sure why they'd want to deal with a bunch of returns.

Unreal price for these two.

I ordered one 48 hours ago too! Did you do what they said?

 Thats a bargain i got one thank you 

The $550 I paid doesn't seem like such a good investment anymore

If they arrived with you in the last month from Amazon and still sealed - send it back and order another - Quick !! 

Nah I got mine at an indie bookstore that I won the right to buy in a raffle so I'm stuck with it. I sure didn't expect it to depreciate this fast but it happens sometimes I guess lol

You might be able to get most of your money back with a quick sale on ebay. After fees and shipping, im no reseller so unsure how it would go ar this point after a $300 amazon sale.  But you might be able to make some of your money back at least. Just a thought

I solved the problem by buying another for the $320, so now my total for the 2 averages out at $435 each. much more bearable lol

You just proved millions of people wrong with the quote, throwing money at a problem never solved anything... I like your way of thinking. You're like the Billy the Kid of autograph collecting.. go all in with guns blazing.. im still hesitant even at $300 but only because im not a huge fan of either and im trying my hardest all the time to not buy things based on resale purchase.. but my limited research showed me you could increase the value even more by cutting the autographs and encapsulating them thru PSA 


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