Sir David Gilmour Preprints - A Work in Progress...

Hey All,

bought a Gilmour "autograph" - was a dead flat preprint with matrix dots blatantly visible. ButOK. Mistakes happen... Refund given. No problem. I then used some creative thinking - got a contact for D.G. Was promised a "replacement". Hand-signed Gilmour. With a letter " is a signed photo..." etc. Well. I got...another preprint! I'm sure the PA doesn't know. Oh well. This man signs VERY LITTLE.

First preprint bought here:


Preprint #2:

Thankfully, I have these: June 19, 1984 ticket

2002 DVD Promo for very little - good contrast - bad scan; mint:

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PS - I note the "David" and the "Gilmour" also have placement variation! But the same impossible amount of perfect alignments and angles - and then variations appearing as different execution. I will show this next.

If anyone has additional examples of these Gilmour's scans would be appreciated.

Thanks! After seeing those "best wishes"? And I see it again in at least 1 of these. I don't think they can all be hand signed. 

Andreas, I made the following "best" and "wishes" image, again each floated over individually for placement, from 2 of the 4 you just provided. As before, 50% transparency, signature not addressed. How can this be human? Obviously, the previously shown "wishes" matches these, making 3 matches. These are some kind of preprints. Perhaps just the salutation, I can't say yet, but at least 2 signatures match much than uncomfortably. If I took these and the previous shown doubled scan and showed all the angles the match would be impossible by a human IMCO.

Imo, these four are all each different and authentic examples

I will respectfully disagree for now on this topic. Some of the alignments do not seem human.

Hm...why not. It´s his script/handwriting. Maybe written all in one session, so they can look very similiar...

I do not see the images I have shown as humanly possible. That degree of perfect angle alignment, in quantity. Many alignments. That is a clearly a machine. More I can not say. Do others have opinions? I know Roger agrees mine is a preprint, Is it not obvious? Look at the the other on page 1 of this thread. There is another thread with additional examples but I can't locate it right now. 

Particularly this:



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