Sir David Gilmour Preprints - A Work in Progress...

Hey All,

bought a Gilmour "autograph" - was a dead flat preprint with matrix dots blatantly visible. ButOK. Mistakes happen... Refund given. No problem. I then used some creative thinking - got a contact for D.G. Was promised a "replacement". Hand-signed Gilmour. With a letter " is a signed photo..." etc. Well. I got...another preprint! I'm sure the PA doesn't know. Oh well. This man signs VERY LITTLE.

First preprint bought here:


Preprint #2:

Thankfully, I have these: June 19, 1984 ticket

2002 DVD Promo for very little - good contrast - bad scan; mint:

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OK, so I did not get a signed photo. Can one ask for more? A signed vintage ticket for $76 and a signed Promo DVD for a very few $?


It's tough signing your name for people who've made you millions of dollars.

I have been unable to find any further information about how this first preprint, shown in negative, was created, but have since seen at least 3 on ebay that appear to be of the same type/possibly same original source. I have heard first preprint this was created with a single pass through a printer - anyone have further information or ideas how this was achieved?

I believe I had a thread about this and I can not find it!

I can not find the original thread. :(

What would create preprints that have the ability to use various combinations of words/signatures in different arrangements...with variations in execution and placement? Whatever it is...I think it is or was being used. It seems to be able to warp text slightly creating a new appearance, but this can be reversed. Normal genuine signatures do not do this little trick. More to come.

All I can recall is that the thread was titled "Deceptive Gilmour Preprints" which was actually a dopey title as this was visible a mile away - not deceptive at all. In any event - I can not locate it.

I recall writing about the hand-touched quality of the individual wispy strokes inside strokes seen in the negative enlargement above. If that thread is here I will find it eventually.

General question: Is anyone aware of any other artist that has such a device? Something that can take and mix various combinations of salutations and signatures and warp them to create variation and also alter placement?

I need to reword that - I don't care which artist - not who...WHAT - what device can do such a thing?

Whatever this device might be, it was probably in use 1994-?. I see something, but I don't know what at all. Been working on this a while. 

Here are some alignments I do not see as human at all.

More and better (and larger) examples to come. This is Andreas's photo and mine sent to me by DG PA. You see what I see?

An enlargement:


Here is another example. In this image, I have used Andreas's scan as a base, and floated the "best" and the "wishes" over from my example individually, at 50% transparency with little attempt at scale, one slight rotation on "best" and no other adjustments. I have not done anything with the signature - that is as it appears on Andreas's photo.

Whatever this device is (and it is a certainly a device as this is not the product of a human hand to my eye - the image above shows this), it has the ability to use different words from a pool, alter placement and then create wide variance in execution. For a simple idea of the type of product, imagine an Autopen operating on...a washing machine on spin with about 12 pairs of jeans in.

But, I am told at least some of these were/are created with a single pass through a printer. This suggests a digital file. That suggests a program? Mr. Steffman? Mr. Shaw? I can say mine is certainly not live ink. It shows no crossover etc. I have Andreas to post a larger scan of his. 

I am looking now at the recent books (preprinted), as many photos as I can, many things, looking for additional matches to further support this proposition, although I think it has now been shown that something is clearly not quite right here.



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