2 versions - Custom and Deluxe - Both Signed


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Funny you mention Nuno,  I totally agree.  It's a popularity -  not a skills - contest but I can see the 1k book sitting for a while. I confess I am a guitarist myself and there were signed Gibsons (real guitars,  not the mini). available some time ago,  that's the kind of stuff Slash hardcore fans would go for at that price point,  not a book. Also when looking at guitars table books,  I can guarantee musicians would be more interested in a specific brand (PRS,  Gibson,  Fender,  Rickenbacker..) range/ history rather than a guitarist's collection of only one manufacturer. 

Slash's graph can be found for less than $/£ 20 on ebay following the release of his last album; #4. I would rather have that than a book...... especially if it's going to mean I can't turn my heating on ....

I dont think the market for this book is people struggling to pay their electric bill, lol

Looks like this only ships in the US anyway. Might have been interested otherwise.

Apparently now available to UK and Rest Of the World via Rufus Stone Limited Editions, shipping Nov/Dec:


Thank you.

In my opinion there are much better ways to spend that kind of money on signed items., especially since everyone has his autograph by now I'd imagine. The signed mini guitar was in my opinion a much better buy . 

$19.99/$39.99/$44.99 signed, for his last release from Newbury was more like it, for anyone that caught that deal. 

518 currently left of the $250 book so shifting nearly half in a day ain't too bad.


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