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Fantastic! Sondheim seems to have lost his patience with this person. All it took was being a total weirdo to get this great letter.

I've seen letters worse lik this from Joan Crawford to a a true pesk.

Love this.

You guys know this isn’t real, right?

Robby Slowik is a stand-up comedian, who posted this on his Twitter.  Be sure to read the comments:

Thx for pointing that out.

The letter did sound a little too good to be true. 

On my screen I thought I saw some squarish areas that were of a slightly different color. And the slight indent to the salutation did catch my eye.

Oh, well....

It did remind me of a few pissy letters I've received from celebrities (politician, columnist) over the years. They can be fun in retrospect.  They represent a real connection to the person, although not necessarily in a positive way. 



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