**I'll preface this by saying that this is speculative, and I might be wrong (so Rich or whoever might want to remove this discussion), but...**

I think Barnes and Noble is offering a signed edition of Logic's upcoming book, and currently has it listed as Untitled Memoir SR?

I tried looking around, but didn't see any reference to it elsewhere... so this either means I'm slightly ahead of the game, or it means I'm utterly incorrect. I searched the Logic subreddit and couldn't find anything, and those guys are fanatical when it comes to his stuff so I assumed someone there would've posted about it.

If anyone discovers anything to the contrary, please let me know.

Link for the curious:


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Damn, looks like it. I put in an order.

That is the one we were thinking may be Raekwon:


When I first saw Untitled Memoir SR was listed as a Hip-Hop memoir a few weeks ago, I thought the same thing. However, like DannyGraceland apparently pointed out in the other discussion, the release dates were off. Plus the MSRP & ISBN was different than what I saw for the Raekwon book. Also, for From Staircase to Stage, "SR" didn't make sense to me (something like "CW" would).

Yeah I could have sworn the release dates where the same when I looked at it a week or so ago, but I was mistaken. I had placed an order just in case which now links to the Logic memoir.

It already has the bestseller label at B&N even though the title is still Untitled Memoir SR :)

Okay, well now I'm sure it is the new Logic book. I just clicked the link in my original post and realized that it now says This Bright Future: A Memoir for the unsigned edition.

They've had the Untitled SR listed for a while, and I'm nearly positive it was still saying that for both the signed and unsigned editions earlier when I was getting ready to post this. Because the publisher page is still out of date, and B&N/Amazon/Target seem to be in the process of updating their author/cover art, I'm going to claim that I'm not crazy, and that they've just now started to update pages after I posted this.

Nook option confirms it 

Searched the ISBN says basically unknown but the amazon and books a million have the cover updated to be logic 

Sometime last night they must've spun the signed Logic/Bobby Hall book off onto its own page because now it's a Signed B&N Exclusive Edition (includes bonus chapter):


Signed copy available on BAM as well




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