Sports Forgeries eBay seller burto.alber THE AUTO SCOUTS AGAIN

Another day, another "The Auto Scouts" forgery ring eBay ID slanging cheap horrific forgeries to dumb buyers on eBay.

This is eBay seller burto.alber who has every star's "autograph" you could ever want. Typical "comes with Hologram/COA!" description, and "Guaranteed to pass 3rd party authentication!". 

These are all cheap JUNK fakes.

report this crap. 

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eBay continues to allow forgery seller burto.alber to sell horrific forgeries:

*Magically they now have every All-Star's autograph on a 2014 ASG ball*

eBay has done nothing to stop forgery seller burto.alber who continues to sell cheap horrific forgeries:

eBay continues to let burto.alber sell horrific forgeries including several that are ending soon.

Also, here is another 'THE AUTO SCOUTS' eBay ID, this is seller ohiofun1313 who has the same junk listed as all the others. Absolutely unreal.

Ryan, as we know by now, Ebay loves scammers; Ebay makes big profits from the sales of forgeries.



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