Sports Forgeries eBay seller westcoastinvestments-us NOW 2014worldcupinbrazil NOW sportssuperstars1984 THE AUTO SCOUTS AGAIN

Imagine that, another new "The Auto Scouts" account selling the same cheap horrific forgeries to wannabe autograph collectors on eBay. This is eBay seller westcoastinvestments-us (who has now changed their eBay ID to 2014worldcupinbrazil to avoid detection), once again this scammer has changed their eBay ID, now they are sportssuperstars1984

"The Auto Scouts" are a forgery ring that survives via eBay. I have probably exposed over 100 of their accounts on eBay. Once one gets shut down, another pops up the next day. They have several different "COAs" which they do not list because they know I will blog about it and expose them. Typical "Comes with COA and hologram!' description that scammers use, also "Guaranteed to pass 3rd party authentication!", knowing that very few people will actually pay to send this junk off to PSA/DNA or JSA where it will be FAILED in an instant.

Same laughable Peyton:

Wainwright forgery:

Crap Pedroia:

Crap Kobe:

And many more. Basically any "star" athlete this forgery ring has unlimited supply of every day. Cheap fakes.

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Wow someone spent $730 on this USA Hockey "team signed" jersey.

This eBay ID has been changed to 2014worldcupinbrazil who is now selling Spurs/World Cup forgeries. Imagine that! eBay continues to profit from the sales of JUNK FORGERIES from "The Auto Scouts" forgery ring. Absolutely sickening. 

A pure scam artist.  The Messi forgery is already up to $202!!  The people who buy forgeries during the World Cup have to be the most gullible of all eBay customers.  I posted some forgers in the Soccer group on this forum, but at least those forgers stick to soccer.  Crook

Someone paid $60 to eBay seller 2014worldcupinbrazil for this childish Manning forgery:

This scammer continues to sell horrific forgeries, they have once again changed their eBay ID to avoid detection, they are now: sportssuperstars1984

Same horrible forgeries, ebay has done NOTHING about it:

Another Ebay scammer (Ebay seller-scammer Sportssuperstars1984) that Ebay profits from.

And these dopey buyers that purchase this crap!!!

I was just browsing eBay for some autographs...and came across this garbage (did a search on here to see if anyone had already discussed sportssuperstars1984)...everything he has is terrible!!



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