Never fails, as soon as I expose one account, another pops up.

The newest "The Auto Scouts" cheap forgery seller is eBay seller greenisgreat

"The Auto Scouts" are a huge forgery ring based out of Ohio that survive off of eBay. They have hundreds of eBay accounts, and as soon as one gets shut down, another pops up.

These are 100% cheap horrific forgeries that I have exposed here plenty of times. DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP.

Unlimited amounts of "autographs" of any popular star.

Same Puig crap:

Looks like they came across a stash of "Babe Ruth" bats to forge on, these are a JOKE:

Hilarious Brady:

Report these morons. (again)

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That "Tom Brady" looks more like Paul Bundy.

how can anyone be fooled by this Brady piece of crap?

I have learned that you could literally draw a bunch of circles, and as long as you print off a "COA" and BS the description, it will get bids. 

And *poof* the items disappeared...

It's amazing how much money we save morons when you think about it... 

eBay has done NOTHING and still allows eBay seller greenisgreat to sell horrific forgeries all while PROFITING from it:

Just dreadful cheap forgeries:

Any star you can think of, they got it! 

Hey at least the Puig came on a Ruth "gamer" bat. Think that could have been his Called Shot bat?



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