We've been discussing the fact that the website has an inventory seemingly made up of lifting other sellers' eBay listings (including scans, descriptions etc.) without permission and attempting to them sell them at inflated prices on their own website. They also say this stuff is "in stock" when it has not been purchased by them or even knowingly consigned to them.

I spoke with my friend Dan (another collector) about this and he checked and found several of his eBay listed JSA and PSA certified items on their site as well. I told him which ones of mine they had lifted and he said he was going to make a specific inquiry with them on one of mine and see what would happen.

He used the chat feature yesterday on the sportscollectibles site yesterday and asked a few questions about my piece. The sales representative on the other end of the chat confirmed that is indeed in their stock but is in one of their warehouses. He asked a few questions on the chat and the rep. said they would contact the warehouse about the particulars on it and they would know more when the warehouse sent it over.

Opening a new chat today, the rep. stated they had my item in hand from their warehouse and could now go over it. It's an album page and is framed.  He asked what kind of ink was used. The rep. said black ballpoint. Then, after a bit of a pause, came back and said "I stand corrected, it is blue ballpoint pen not black" which I mention in my listing. I think they were probably looking more closely at the eBay listing.  Since it's framed, he asked if it had been examined outside of the frame. They told him "It was professionally framed when we received it, we did not frame it. It has a paper back." He asked about the fact that the page itself displays some show through indentation from another signature on the verso of it and who that signature is. The rep. replied "the back is unknown, it came out of an old autograph book".

He asked about shipping and they said it would take 3-4 days. He then asked if it that is guaranteed with the fact that the mails have been slow lately and they replied "There is nothing for sure...the carriers are having issues. We will do everything in our power to get it to you as quickly and efficiently as possible but we are not the carriers."

I'm asking them to take down my eBay items from their site.  I think it could potentially be a mess if they had a purchase of one of my items, I ship it to them, they ship it to their buyer and the buyer wants to return it. I don't want to even remotely support a business that is misrepresenting what is not theirs as their stock without permission to do so.  It also creates "competition" with my own listing on eBay.

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there's another company, that does the same thing 

I believe HollywoodMemorabilia and Sportscollectibles are one and the same...just different websites. 



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