Hello there! I have a nice Springsteen item that I would be interested in getting your opinions of. I have a Born to Run album that was signed during rehearsals for The Rising tour so includes signatures from Patti Scailfa and Soozie Tyrell as well as everyone else involved at that time. The album is old and kinda scuffed and three of the autographs were addressed to me by name. Im not sure if it is worth anything, or perhaps if one day it might be. It was valued at approximately 1000 pounds by a London auctioneer about 10 years ago. It does have sentimental value but at the same time it just sits in the bottom of my sock drawer year in and year out and sometimes I think I should just pass it on to someone who might appreciate it. I was told that Springsteen autographs are hard to come by but after a brief look online Im not sure that is correct. Anyway, any advice, thoughts, opinions, would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Im happy to see people on this site like it. Thank you for your interest and for taking the time to reply. :) Well Im just not sure of its worth and whether or not time will increase the value by much so Im clueless as to what I should do really. I certainly could use some cash to pay medical bills but doubt I could get a much from the album. Right now I guess Im just putting out feelers to gauge interest. My grown up children have shown no interest in it, although perhaps in time they will.

Beautiful piece!

Im happy you like it. I think Ive had it for so long now I just take it for granted. Like I said it lives in my sock drawer now which is pretty sad really!! :)

I have had some interested buyers and would be very open to your views on a price. Im sure pieces like this are hard to estimate and a price simply comes down to what a buyer finds its worth to be. But your wisdom in this field would be appreciated. Thank you very much indeed.




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