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I reported this HORRIBLE Forgery to ebay and got this response: 

What happened:
We looked into your report and didn’t find the listing to be in violation of our policy.  This determination was made by a customer service agent..

If you reported content that isn’t listed below, we’ll send a separate email once we’ve made a decision. 

Your reference ID:

Here are the listings you reported that are included in this decision:
Item: 156247639933 Bruce Springsteen, Signed, Autographed Guitar, Photo, In Shadowbox, Framed

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A customer service agent? Wow, they really take these reports seriously.

I gave up reporting to eBay about 15 years ago.  I came to the conclusion that they simply do not care as long as they make money.  They make just as much on a fake autograph as a real one.  Unless someone really knows the autograph, they need to be very careful.  I just posted about a dozen Andy Griffith forgeries and secretarial that are on there now.  The fakes outnumber of the genuine anymore.

Hi! I sent you a message. 

I tried this reporting function a couple of months ago, mostly on baseball autographs.  I probably submitted 20 of them over the course of 3 days, all obvious forgeries, and I believe they removed 2.   


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