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Ha, yeah I figured I was being too picky. it actually would probably not even be noticeable and look great in one of the Lp frames now that I think about it. think I'm gonna write them back and tell them never mind lol. thanks

I ordered recently from the 2nd batch.. have a light crease on mine.. you are not being picky at all. Newburycomics packages well. The ones from the 2nd batch were probably returns just because of these issues. As a collector, if you buy something, you should expect it in perfect condition. This damage would normally upset me but, in this case, im glad to have been given another chance at receiving something I missed the 1st time which only has a limit of 500.. newbury will not be able to replace this. Its up to you ultimately. If you can not live with the damage, return for a refund or sell to someone who would accept it. I feel your pain though

Personally I would return it. I am super picky though. I got one the first time and it was in nice shape. Being a vinyl collector even without signatures the condition is super important to me. I return probably 5% except from Amazon which is more like 50% of the time because they have no issues putting them in a plastic envelope for shipping.

Well, I do have to give it to Newbury because it was packed extremely well, no doubt the damage came from the handling and not from shipping. think I'm gonna keep it for now at least and as I said see how it looks framed. way back in the day I used to collect sports cards and I think I just had a flashback of when you would pull a high dollar card and it had a bent corner lol.



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