I recently bought this Stan Lee autograph. Can anyone tell by the picture if it authentic? Thank you all very much!

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The good news is that the picture is real. The mere fact that you can take a picture of it to post here is testimony to that. And more good news. That is actually a real picture of the real Stan Lee.

But the autograph is clearly a forgery. That's real ink, but Stan wasn't the one who wrote Stan's name on the picture.

I really appreciate the help on this! I was able to get my money fully refunded thanks to you guys! Do you have any suggestions where I could get a legit autograph?

If you want a Stan Lee autograph that is most assuredly genuine, beyond a shred of doubt, because it was witnessed, my suggestion is to look at the CGC Signature series signed comic books. Plenty of them on ebay.

A tip. Don't look at the BIN items. See what's available for auction and try sticking to auction pieces where the bid starts at a penny or a buck or two. This will allow you to avoid paying what may be well over market value.


Look for items like this:


There are 11 bids on it, meaning that the market, the bidders are dictating the value, rather than a seller listing an auction that starts at $600, as an example (0 bids).

Look for the pieces with ample bidder activity. Chances dictate that these will yield a final result close to market value.

Thanks Woody, this is a good way for filter good items. I will take in count.

But, If I am searching for a photo or card signed? I want it for make a collage and framed it. In your experience, which words are more appropriate for a ebay search? Maybe include DNA or JSA words? I dont know. 


I'd go PSA first. Go to the general ebay page. In the search bar, type "Stan Lee signature PSA". You can also substitute the keywords, signed, autograph, as well as signature.  Keep in mind that any opinion is subject to error. This potential for error is always present for authenticated items unless witnessed and documented (like a notary). Among authenticators, PSA is in the top tier so buy purchasing an item with a legitimate PSA COA, or slabbed as such, the odds are now in your favor, rather than buying non-witnessed and without expert opinion.

Again, stick with ebay auctions, and look for activity. Using that strategy, you won't get bilked on the price.


Hello Jordan,

I currently have two Stan Lee signatures listed for sale with JSA authentication. One is a X-Men promo card and the other is a Ravange 2099 preview booklet. Let me know if you are interested. 

 Sorry Jordan. Listen to the experts. Ask always before bid or buy a Stan Lee autograph.

In my opinion this signature is NOT Genuine. This is a known forgery style that was going passed PAAS. Now that PAAS has caught onto the forgery, they switched to AAA to get their COAs. The slant on the signature is beyond wrong. The signature is crammed together. The forgery’s Stan Lee signatures are almost always signed in a silver sharpie. 

Big Saturn, Lee's later signatures are crammed. So much so that many of the secondary letters (an, ee) overlap each other as well in some cases, the capitals as well! Spacing is not always a tell, as well as slant. Slant can change drastically, based on Stan's seated or standing position! Left or right hand. Also, as aside from the traditional blue and black sharpies,  I've seen several different silver markers of varying nib size on Stan's table, I've even seen one paint and two metallic ink markers in silver amongst the array of implements near Stan at signings. So color, in and of itself, is not a very discernible tell.

Stan's track, when visible, contains the tell in this case. And we need not even venture beyond the S to tell it's a forgery. Not so much the shape, which is off anyway, not so much the angle, but the elements of the track itself identifies it as a forgery. Look closely at the S and the strokes that form it. Other than that, I don't want to go into details to help this forger because his handwriting is familiar to me, he commits the same, numerous errors on all of his forgeries and he's prolific on ebay, using several different handles to peddle his worthless ink.




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