Real or not?

Always wanted a Stan Lee autograph.

Guess now would be a good time. Thanks!

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I just wrote him a nice letter around his birthday. His address is easy to find online. Give it a shot.

This was the first Spider-Man comic I ever saw. I knew him from the cartoon, but seeing this issue blew my mind and started me on a looooong obsession with comic books!

I had many in near mint condition but sold them when I was pushing 30 (58 now) I had all from either 12 or 14 on up to 150 or so but the "newer" ones lost their magic for me. I do have a signed Romita or two.

I had most of the series too (including #1).

When all my friends grew out of it, I bought their collections.

I sold all the gems about 15 years ago.

Still have about 35 long boxes full tho.

Yep, 785 as of now, but a quick scan will show that the overwhelming number of pieces that list under those keywords are Stan Lee signed superhero images on a variety of items from statues to comics to sketches to posters.


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