Can this seller possibly think that this is what a Stan Lee signature looks like from any stage in Stan's life?

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Hey I was wondering if you can help me with a problem. I heard that you really good with Stan Lee autos so I was hoping you could help.

Here is some context. basically I just bought one of these autographs. The seller has the best reviews on eBay I have ever seen for an auto dealer. He said he got 25 Stan lee autos from a collection and got about 10 authenticated by Beckett and sold. He sent me photos of some of the Beckett ones for proof. Hes had many autos certified by Psa Jsa and Beckett and seems really legit. Do you  think the auto is legit? I also included a Psa quick opinion he gave me saying it was genuine. I would love to hear your thoughts because i am just starting out as a auto collector and need to make sure this is legitimate. Thanks In Advance!








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