I'm looking to get one of my star wars cast frame autographs appraised I'm wondering if there is anyone who people would recommend


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How much do you guys charge?

Here were the options from the last signing:

Option 1 - $875.00
1. Single signed photo up to 16x20
2. Flattened Funko pop box
3. Small trading card
4. Comic book, Single Signed
5. Magazine, Single signed
Option 2- $1025.00
1. 8x10 item signed by other cast members
2. Small trading card signed by other cast members
3. Magazine signed by other cast members
4. Comic book signed by other cast members
5. Metal plates
Option 3 - $1275.00
1. Photo signed by other cast members (11x14, 11x17, 12x18, 16x20)
2. Small action figures
3. Single signed baseball
Option 4 - $1475.00
1. Movie poster/photos sized 16x24 to 27x41
2. Props (no longer than a Helmet)
3. Any Art
4. Please email if your oversized item is larger then 28x42 or Larger then a helmet.
If he does another signing, no guarantees the pricing will remain the same. You can follow for the latest news. If he does another signing, we will be involved.

Cool i'll check it out thanks Mike!


I forgot to place your image in the original post. It's there now.


I'm with the Mikes here. $875 is the going rate for Ford signings—some folks are even more. The Mikes would know better than me, but I'd be surprised if Ford increased the value of your Pete and Hamill SP by more than $400-$500, if that.

What do you think of either adding a Ford SP or other Ford piece, or a Ford and Carrie piece? Then sell or reframe the nice cut you have with a photo?

Or perhaps finding a SP in your price range that you like with all 4, and selling the SP and Carrie?

Well as I said to Mike I spent a total of $610 for the cut and picture and framing on it and it's a really cool star wars item.  I have always been a fan of star wars really cool item with the vintage signatures too


You did well at $610 for what you have. Are you considering looking for a vintage Ford?                                                

That be great as it would match.  Or I would have to look into opening the frame as it might not be a huge deal. I'll always speak to Michaels i know its staple shut as I watched them frame it.  Would you know anyone with some Ford autograghs?

If you're collecting for long term value, this piece won't bring it. My recommendation would be to save money to buy a piece with all 4 on the same photo.

I always enjoy star wars and just like the items but where would I be able to buy one?  Do you guys sell them?  I see eBay or Hollywood authentics has them but they can range from $3000 to $7000 for a 8x10 or 11x14.

Join our Facebook group, we have a sales page where all the top collectors buy/sell and trade high end star wars autographs. Search Star Wars Autograph Universe on Facebook.

Cool thanks for all your help Mike!  I'll check it out and keep my eye out.  I always like the rolling stones signed pictures.



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