I have been collecting Star Wars autographs since 1998.  Not all of my signatures are on Star Wars memorabilia.  For example, when I met Warwick Davis at a comic convention in New York City I had him sign a Willow photograph.  I also have publicity photos of Sir Alec Guinness and Christopher Lee from the 1970s and a Natalie Portman signed The Diary of Anne Frank theater poster from her performance on Broadway back in 1998.  My current wish list includes Peter Cushing, Terence Stamp and John Williams.  I am interested in knowing about the collections and wish lists of other members.

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Very nice Mike. Did you get all the autos in one day? Did Harrison sign all the photos at once or did you have to chase him all over NYC? How many altogether did he sign for you? How many other people, dealers, etc did you have to deal with? How friendly was Harrison and what was he in NY for? Congratulations again!

Lol thats a lot of questions, these were all signed in one day throughout NYC.

Sorry Mike, I wasn't try to get you mad. I've never met Harrison before and I've heard so many different stories about his signing habits. I love to hear stories about Harrison. I hope one day soon, Lord willing I am able to meet Harrison myself. Congratulations again, I admire you!

Very nice, Mike T.  Congratulations.

Thanks Mike!

Thought I would share an "experience" I had with Mr. Hamill on Saturday at NYCC.  Among the four items I had signed at $295 a pop was this card previously signed by Anthony Daniels.  It was the first of my four items to make its way through the maze-like assembly line of handlers to Mark's possession.  I had given his closest associate an ultra fine point blue Sharpie to use in advance, since there were no comparable pens visible on the exceedingly wide signing table.  He concurred that the pen would be a better option than what they had available given the small area on the card where I had indicated I wanted the signature, to the upper right of the image.  

So, pen and card reach Mark, he executes what looked from my vantage point to be his typical smaller scrawl on the card.....and then, without hesitation or communicating with me any manner, declares his signature to be, in his words, "hard to see" and promptly grabs the regular Sharpie and signs over his original work.  

He then goes on to sign my other three items, all multi-signed photos lacking his signature for completion...presumably without knowledge as to whose they were, asks "Are we done here?" Signs, for the last customer in line, and departs the signing area for a break.  Meanwhile, I am standing there in stunned disbelief, making eye contact with a couple of his aides, who were also confounded by what they had seen.  

If there is any interest in how this saga turned out, I will add the epilogue, but I was curious to see what some might say about this just from the standpoint of my stuck there frozen, wondering "what the *&#! just happened to my card??"

Sucks.. celebs don't see autographs in the same collectible fashion that fans do. Join our facebook group and you could have sent it in for our private signing and wouldn't have had to wait in line and deal with this mess.

He would just have sent it in and got a card that looks wrecked and probably would have questioned how could this have happened! At least he saw with his own eyes...yikes.

With four items being signed at over $1,000 spent you would hope more care would be spent, sadly as Mike said I don't know if they can see it that way, but when someone is paying that much money just for you to sign something they SHOULD understand.

Sorry about your card. That really stinks!

Our guys that run the signings would never have let him do that. Sadly con handlers have no idea what they are doing and usually don't care.

That is a terrible story, Charley.  I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with Mark Hamill at New York Comic Con on Saturday.  My daughter and I had very good experiences with Mark Hamill at New York Comic Con on Thursday and Sunday.  He must have been cranky on Saturday for some reason.  Do not let it discourage you.  Keep attending and collecting.  May the Force be with you.

Completed a star wars grail piece recently, not too shabby.

Mike, very nice! What year did Mark sign the photo? I assume Alec was through the mail?



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