Bought this poster on eBay back in 2001
Please can someone verify if fake or genuine ?

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I don't think Pete is going to have good news for you. Hopefully you're not out a lot of cash.

The JK signatures are not hers and I have been studying Emma's recently and hers looks off as well.  Sorry... this stuff hurts.

From the looks of these they were both signed by the same person. Matching Radcliffes, matching Grints, matching Rowlings. Really bad Emmas and even worse Harris and Rickman.

Sorry bud, but there is no good news here.

The forger really did do a better than average job trying to copy, Rowling, Grint and Radcliffe. They would fool most people if they had left it alone at that.


I agree, Pete.  I would not be interested in adding either of those J. K. Rowling autographs to my collection.  Sorry, Karl B.



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