First, thank you to everyone who provided comments on my previous post regarding Winnie the Pooh voice actors.  I am still seeking opinions on the Sterling Holloway signature on this Winnie the Pooh album.  Thank you for sharing your experience and opinions.

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bearddog1, Back in the day when this was signed Holloway was a not worth much $. He sells for a nice amount today. I was on the fence the last time you posted this example, and am sitting in the same place today. You call it or get it 3rd party authenticated, these are my in person autograph's.

David - Thank you for taking a look and sharing comments and in person examples. I think I am sitting on the same fence as you. The "S" and "H" throw me off the most compared to likely authentic exemplars including the two you provided.  However, I like how the dot in the "i" is over the "n" on the album similar to your second example.  Most of the signature looks natural and similar to yours.

I purchased this in the late 1990s as I tried to assemble a Winnie the Pooh set.  His signatures were plentiful then but I loved this signed album.  Still hunting for Ralph Wright (Eeyore) and Junius Matthews (Rabbit).  Hoping others may have feedback as well.  

beardog1, good luck in the hunt for obscure voice actors. No one knew who they were on the street, so were never asked for an autograph. I also collect voice actors. One of mine from Pooh was..Clint Howard  who I met a few times at  Ray Courts "Hollywood Collector Show" back in the day at the Beverly Garland Holliday Inn, in L.A. 

Love the photo and the story of meeting the Howard brothers in person.  Clearly, they have a good sense of humor.

Agree with your comment about the challenge of collecting voice actors due to not be recognized in the day (somewhat similar to directors).  I have all but Wright and Matthews for Winnie the Pooh (if Holloway is good).  I previously shared a set I completed for How the Grinch Stole Christmas including Boris Karloff, June Foray, Thor Ravenscroft and signed music by Albert Hague.  The only other voice actor I have is Clarence Nash (Donald Duck) but did not get definitive opinions on authenticity on this forum.

I really appreciate people on this forum like you who take the time to share opinions and experience, but appreciate the stories of encounters and interests even more.  Thanks David.

Your Nash looks real to me.

Thanks again, David.  I did an overlay of my Clarence Nash signature with likely authentic examples from RR Auction archive and felt pretty good.  However, I feel even better based on your note and example.

Another member shared this video with me of Clarence Nash on To Tell The Truth.  It reinforces your point about voice actors not being recognized.

I met Clint Howard at the shows, not Ron. If Clint knew he would be coming to the show after the Holidays he would get his brother to sign items for him. A regular at the show was June Foray. A nice lady.

Hi again, David.  Another concern I had about the signed album was the flourish under the "way".  I had not seen this on any other exemplars until I noticed it on your top in-person signature.  Although it does not appear to be a common element of his signature, I feel better seeing another example where he did something similar.

I had another thread about an Andy Warhol signature where he had the flourish above his name.  Atypical but other authentic examples exist.



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