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Did anyone get shipping email? They’re supposed to be released the 5th?

No i didnt yet

I got mine yesterday.

Wow looks amazing! What color vinyl did you get? Did you ever get a shipping email? 

I did not get an email. Thought I did but at this point I have so many preorders it is hard to keep track in my head. But I looked through my emails and there was not one for this. I got the green and white version. I had ordered Steve's stuff on several occasions so as soon as someone posted it on here I ordered it. Another reason I may have already received mine.

Thank you!!

Not a problem. Glad I could set a mind at ease.

He signed it on the brightest part of the piece too which is really cool! Hope mine come like that

Just wish he would have used a different color. But not worth complaining about. I am happy with this one. Fantasy Records seems to always do a great job at coming through.

Yea same maybe silver! But still really cool and can’t wait to frame it. The vinyl isn’t signed right? It comes as an art card basically ?

Nope. You get a signed vinyl sleeve. The part that holds the vinyl. Not an insert. And you get a sealed copy of the vinyl record. The best possible outcome.

The sleeve is what holds the record inside, you mean the album jacket.

I ordered mine mid-Sept. and yet I have to receive it or at least get a confirmation. Hopefully soon.


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