I had this one previously listed in another area and decided this one needs to be discussed in this forum. I am not an expert on Stevie's signature by any means but did have some concerns once I received it. I do know that her personal assistant named Ginny did sign on her behalf quite frequently and her signature is quite similar to Stevie's.

I have also included a Stamp on the back of the photo which links to Ginny which I did not know about until receiving the item.

What say my fellow members. I feel is it, more than likely, a secretarial.

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Thanks Corey. I am aware that Bickett has issued certificates on this style in the past. I was referring more about the turnaround time being excessive. Honestly, I would rather Bickett reject this signed photo than to cert it if is not actually signed in Stevie's hand.

Sometimes when you purchase from a well respected source(known here btw) and there seems to be conflicted opinions by a number of other respected sources then the only fair way to resolve the issue is with a third party opinion. In this case it was Bickett.

I just wanted to get more examples documented so that members can make their own opinions. Beckett should not be a referee. 

Then who should be the referee? Me? The respected person I purchased it from? You? Other Stevie Nicks specific collectors who know her signature and believe it's authentic? 

The seller offered it in good faith. I purchased it in good faith. An issue arises. What is a fair way to resolve it?

I do not know who these other Stevie Nicks collectors you refer to since you have not disclosed that information.

They are all opinions at the end of the day - including Beckett. However, I do not consider Beckett a referee or a superiority in this case since they have certed a vast array of exemplars (which I have attached to this thread) which match to Ginny's handwriting - imo. 

At least, this information will be helpful for others and myself in the future. Maybe even Bickett if they ever read this thread.

Exactly my intent Joe. 

The one aspect I notice between the OP Nicks and the majority of "Ginny" Nicks signatures is that the "c" and "k" in her last name are connected. In the OP there is no connection between the two letters. Could it be possible that Nicks did sign some of these photos that originated from Ginny and not all?

I do find it hard to believe that Stevie would spend much time signing 3x5 index cards. 

Just a thought.

In all fairness, most genuine Stevie exemplars have her connecting the C & K. Here are a few from R&R I consider no doubt authentic. Far different than the styles seen in this thread.

Final update. It took over six weeks for Beckett to get to finally respond with their verdict on this Stevie Nicks. NOT AUTHENTIC. I am relieved to know how this would sort out and will get with the seller and hopefully be able to return it without any issues.

I appreciate all those who participated in this discussion and it appears all worked out the way it was suppose to.

A big thank-you to Corey who made the initial alert and had the patience to hang with me.

BTW, if you have read through the entire discussion you will see that Bickett's Quick Opinion stated "likely to pass full authentication". Just a note of caution for those who put too much stock in QPs.

+1 Joe!

I did not see this discussion previously and just read through it.  I have studied Stevie's signature for years, and one thing I noticed about the one in the OP and the others associated with her assistant, is a "stiffness" to the handwriting that does not exist with authentic Nicks autographs.  There is a softness to Stevie's handwriting.  Yes there are certainly technical differences, but my first impression when I saw the photos in question was "these look too stiff to be authentic". Glad you were able to sort it out Joe.




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