I came across this Stevie Ray Vaughan framed album. I am doubting it’s authenticity. Anyone have an opinion? This was from a place that closed in HI called Celebrities Fine Art Gallery. The COA is from the guy who owned the gallery.

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At first glance, I thought it was dated '91, which is problematic.

Maybe my knowledge of the history of pens is a bit weak, but that looks like a pen type that wouldn't have been available (or used heavily) in 1990. I realize that paint pens have been around for a few decades now, but the ink flow in that signature seems to suggest a more modern pen. Maybe I'm wrong.

Gerard Marti signed that COA, and owned Celebrities Gallery. I would be surprised if any of their vintage autographs were genuine. I didn't see any I thought were. A guy I know sued him for selling him forgeries and won.

He did have Mick Fleetwood and other older rock stars come in for signings and to sell their art, so that material was probably always fine.

Gerard Marti bought Robert Kidd Gallery in Birmingham, Michigan:


It's one of the infamous "Soul to Soul" forgeries that flooded the market after Stevie's untimely passing. Craig Hopkins discusses these on his website at stevieray.com
It's for sale, right now on eBay. I've tried to tell the guy that it's a forgery, but, of course he is in denial. I'm sure he paid a pretty penny for it at that gallery.


Interesting that they didn't provide the LOA from the "signature expert." It's probably Christopher Morales.

Agreed. No good. 

i can tell u the epic gold record is fake .cant make out the signiture




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