i just went on the Omega Auction Site and saw that Stones Set and i thought it looks nice and out of sheer  fun i made a low bid and thought i wont win it anyway. i just got a mail that, to my surprise, i won the lot. Please tell me i did good and i didnt buy a fake set?!

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These look to be all signed by the same person, purposely using different color ink to make it look real. I would try and get your money back. 

As for the Omega sigs -- what are the main "tells" that this is secretarial? 

A lot of the secretarial sets I have seen have been in blue ,green and red pens its a major warning ,these are much better than other sets I have seen especially the jagger but definitely secretarial you have to be carefull with Omega if it doesn't say pre checked by Epperson be very wary of anything they offer shame really they get some great items but still offer up obvious duds mixed in with the good stuff 


I had a Good Feeling and thats why i bid on them in the first place, cause they came from the Tony Prince Collection (He is a Radio DJ and was the first Person in the world to Play a Beatles Record on the Radio and he is also a personal friend of Paul McCartney and other famous musicians). I told Omega that some Autograph experts said they dont look real and they spoke with Tony again and he said he got them from an auction himself many years ago. so Omega auction was very fair to cancel the deal and also apologised. Normally they have Epperson to look at the items before they put them up for auction but since it all came from Tony Prince they thought it is not necessary. but as i said they cancelled the invoice and i think that was a very Good move of them. thanks again guys for your Expertise!

It goes to show you can never trust any provenance ,anyway a fair outcome in the end 



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