Im not sure where to post this but since I’ve found you guys to enjoy the hobby as much as me, I figured here would be good…

The dilemma that I’m currently facing is that my collection has become overwhelming, so much so that my wife has requested that I take all of the picture frames down, which was very saddening to me…

She had agreed to allow me to hang them up in our back rooms, the ones less travelled in, and for a week I’ve had seven 11X17s hung up, but today I’ve noticed that the room has a slight draft, which I think creates humidity and has caused three of the posters to warp a bit, so now I’m stuck with only being allowed to hang my favorites in the hallway, so… I have to find a way to store the ones that aren’t “favorites” which is impossible because they’re all my favorites… I’ve been collecting for a long time and can’t seem to let go of anything that I don’t have multiples of…

I bought an 11X17 portfolio which will become the home to most of my signed posters, but I’ve got a lot that go all the way up to 16X20 and as small as 4x4… Ultimately, I want to display them, but I can’t afford to make my back rooms have zero humidity, and I’ll be devastated if any of my items become ruined, so I guess what I’m asking is how would you guys go about transitioning from having a massive collection on display to having a massive collection hidden in books? Are there portfolio books that might be better than others? What’s the safest approach?

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Definitely concur with the wimp comment! 

She does see how much I’ve made on some items, so she knows they hold value, she just doesn’t know why they hold so much value to me…

I was going to purchase a dehumidifier for the back room, but I’m not entirely sure that the issue is humidity, I just noticed today that the poster kinda warped as if it were bigger than the frame, but it doesn’t seem like a tight fit… Not sure yet…

I appreciate all of the feedback guys 

I’m joking of course. 

Tell her that collection will pay for a new house/car/vacation, then see how she reacts.

Naw...tell her something believable. 

I store most of my collection in Ultra-PRO Platinum Series pages and toploaders.  I have not had any issues.

Can someone send links to the sleeves he's using?
It will make it easier to look it up locally

My suggestion for your consideration.... frame color copies on photo paper of favorite autographs. That's what I do.  You and others can see and enjoy them displayed on your wall and you don't have to worry about damage from light, acid, humidity, etc.  Others here have shared excellent suggestions for proper storage of your originals.

This year I bought MSP and it came signed and sealed.

Should I keep the plastic wrap or remove it and use a good (acid  free) sleeve?


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