I am not sure who signed it exactly. Most likely producers.

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Looks like they had a red version too but its out of stock

Shipping is around $20 to US

Also the track listing isn't the Dixon and Stein songs so I'm not sure who it is

They produced it.

That's what's stated in the record label website. However, in the description it says "produced by The Duffer Brothers and Nora Felder". 

Unfortunately it's unlikely it is signed by the cast.

They Ship everywhere in the world Except the UK - I won't be buying off them ever again then ! 

Very cool. I love SURVIVE and Stranger Things so hopefully some stateside places do this too. If it is them. 

that was too expensive... i hope there will be more signed option to buy this LP from others distributors 

Got an email from JB Hi-Fi this morning saying they accidentally flagged this order as a "signed offer" and it's not actually signed. I asked them to cancel.

You'll notice the link above no longer says anything.

Win some, lose some.



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