Steve asked me to start a new thread since some were having a lot of issues with regards to whether or not the through the mail autographs of Jerry Lee Lewis are real or not.  I will post some examples of what we have been getting recently and some know in person examples.   These TTM signatures are not cheap.  You have to pay $50 for them to his box office box.  The question is are they real or not.  Roger has said that he has never seen Mr. Lewis sign this way and it looks to perfect - like a woman's signature.  

Please post your thoughts here and examples.



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I don’t think this one is authentic

How about this one from the UK 58 tour that was stopped after 3 shows?


that one looks more consistent with one of his many signature styles

 Thanks. Very happy as its a early one.

JSA has authenticated a few stamped signatures currently listed on eBay. I don’t understand this. These were sent out ttm from the ranch for a long time.

I just posted it, Chad.

I don't understand it either. Even if they're being mixed in with mostly authentic items, it's still surprising that JSA would pass this many instances of the same stamped signature.

I will explain they got paid .its the all mighty dollar

ps steve grad is god

I don't understand it as well.  Not sure what can be done at this point.  I can certainly call there attention to this.


Im sure if you do, the practice won't continue, although not much can be done once the toothpaste is out of the tube.

Maybe. I contacted them about a JLL forgery style they authenticated at least twice and they didn't seem too interested.

They might respond differently once they realize it’s a repro. Then the opinion is not debatable. 




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