Steve asked me to start a new thread since some were having a lot of issues with regards to whether or not the through the mail autographs of Jerry Lee Lewis are real or not.  I will post some examples of what we have been getting recently and some know in person examples.   These TTM signatures are not cheap.  You have to pay $50 for them to his box office box.  The question is are they real or not.  Roger has said that he has never seen Mr. Lewis sign this way and it looks to perfect - like a woman's signature.  

Please post your thoughts here and examples.



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They don't all look the same. You just haven't put in the effort to see that.

These both look to be signed by the same person to me, Ballroom. Without a doubt in my opinion. But I don't believe it was JLL.

I'm referring to the comparison you posted of the RR one and the signed book.

Thanks, Steve. I agree that the RR example and book signature are signed by the same person. What makes you believe that the RR example isn't from JLL? 

I see most of the characteristics in that example that I see in the pre-signed books. I made my case in these JLL discussions on why I believe the pre-signed books were not signed by JLL years ago, and my opinion hasn't changed. 

Would they be expected to say anything different?

Then when the serious questions arose they said nothing to those raising the questions.
That's not exactly behavior consistent with having nothing to hide.

They didn't owe PIX-11 any answers. It's obviously insulting to sign all of those book pages with authentic signatures and then be accused of conspiring together to commit fraud? I'm not sure that I would have participated either. Has PIX-11 reached a conclusion yet?

Interesting...but exactly the opposite reaction that I would expect from anyone who seriously had nothing to hide.

If the issue was raised that I'd falsified signatures when in fact I'd really spent a lot of time signing every one, I would make sure that I or a spokesperson told the media outlet that I absolutely signed every one of those damn books.

No one is owed an answer. But failing to answer is an answer in itself. And one that leaves the cloud over their heads.

Moreover, it's not just JLL's people and manager who failed to standup for their behavior.  The publisher eventually did likewise.

Again, Judith did state that JLL signed the books, and JW stated that he doesn't sign autographs for JLL. They didn't say these things though the poorly researched PIX11 story, but said them nonetheless. JW said he wasn't interested in participating in what he described as "BS." You really believe that JLL attempted to preempt claims that he didn't sign the books by making a false statement disguised as an off the cuff remark to the Atlanta Business Journal?


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