Suspicious about the last 2 signed CDs I have received from Newbury. John Mayer and Diane Warren.

I am a bit suspicious of the last two signed CD inserts I have received from Newbury. One is the John Mayer Sob Rock CD, the other one is the Diane Warren, Cave Sessions CD. Is it me or do they look suspiciously similar? Just after advice from the hive mind before I go back to Newbury.

I have uploaded an image of the two side by side.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look,


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Actually, this entire thread should not have been in this forum if you want to be technical. It's getting bogged down with ridiculous posts. It is for musician direct sales. This should have been in the real or not forum. 

I don't move threads, other mods do that.

I moved it to the correct forum. :) 

Threads remain open like Eric said in case new information can be added later. 

Thank you Adam. :)

My apologies and thank you , regards

Because the rules are not to close discussions. It's amazing how many times years later people add things to old discussions which can be very helpful

Exactly on both counts.

I ordered two from Newbury and one from John Mayer, they’re good…

Newbury is 100% legit and won’t lose their reputation to screw you

I'm surprised Warren's signature is that bad. Weird.

In any case, the laziest scribblers all kind of look like that.

Not similar at all but glad I didn't buy the DW cd( thought about it but passed) 

I was very concerned with my signed Diane Warren CD too! Looks very careless, I am just glad the CD is much better quality than the signature! As far as the John Mayer signed art card, those are legit and have looked like the others that people have received! Here is what my Diane Warren signed CD looks like, HQ Scan:  



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