that's a really good price, AUD 7.00 is only $5.15 U.S. and only comes to $22.14 with shipping from Australia. really considered it but I just don't collect signed shirts and don't need to start now lol. 

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I just got the lanyard & autographed card instead, only $7.00 shipped to the U.S.

thanks for the tip, I did the same, $6.92 total, shipped to US

(cheapest shipping for two was $9.04, so cheaper to order one by one, if needing more)

Lanyard card only, no strap, which is fine, just hope both don't arrive bent up.  

If I were her I'd sell a signed art print quatro size - 9 1/2" x 12".

I must be tired because it took me a second lol, good one. I'm just gonna buy the no control Cd to pair with it and it won't be much different than the Cds with signed postcards we are getting these days anyway. 

Great price on item plus international shipping!

Thanks, both!

£5.48 shipped to the U.K., from Australia, is a mad price.

Funny when I ordered the tee, shipping to France was A$ 27.

I added the lanyard at A$ 5, and the shipping for both went down to A$ 10.

So tee alone with shipping is 38, tee+nayard with shipping is 26. 

Guess what I did !

T shirt and Lanyard shipped Australia to UK including shipping came to £12.00 - Mad not to buy at that price

Glad this post got her some more sales but it must have made her realize it was too good of a price because the t-shirt bumped up to AUD $11.00 now lol, still a good price though

I was getting worried about these but finally got shipping confirmation, found the Cd these cards were for on amazon for $11.98 so for right around $20 I'll have pretty much the equivalent of a Cd with a signed art. which is mostly what we are getting these days anyway so I'm happy with it. 

I'm photographing her show at the Royal Albert Hall next week, very much looking forward to it. Going to see what the merch situation is at the gig before I commit online...

good idea, I only bought the card because it was only $7 with shipping to the U.S. and figured it would look next to the Cd but let us know what she had.  



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