I started this thread to gather information on Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett signatures to hopefully determine just how rare or common he is to collect. 

As well as hopefully determine current market values.

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i can tell u mike w went to his flat and he woudnt sign for before he died.

also my friend reped mick rock and bob gruen and a ton of other photogs for there works.

i have no problem belive that syd signed for him as they go back a long way

Good information, thanks John. I also believe the book sigs are genuine.

he only signed 320 books

One of only 320 copies of the Deluxe Edition of Mick Rock’s highly collectible book PSYCHEDELIC RENEGADES. The Deluxe issue is hand signed by both Syd Barrett and Mick Rock, and bound in orange and turquoise leather with gilt (gold) tooling and gold page edges, and individually numbered.

Arguably the most sought after in the series of limited-edition book published by Britian’s Genesis Publications, this 2002 volume covers the period 1969-71 in Syd Barrett’s career after leaving Pink Floyd. Barrett’s friend Rock photographed him in and around Syd’s London flat and at his family home in Cambridge. While some images are well known, many have never been published before.
Rock writes about Barrett in accompanying text, and it was he who undertook the last ever interview with Syd for Rolling Stone magazine in 1971. His original version of this memorable article is reproduced in full here, for the first time.
Mick and Syd were close friends and at one point in their friendship they were flatmates. Rock was able to create these intimate images of Syd throughout their friendship. One of Syd’s closest friends, the artist Duggie Fields, writes frankly about his own friendship with Syd. He describes life in the Earl’s Court apartment which he shared with Syd and where the Madcap shots were taken in Syd’s famous bedroom with the striped floorboards.
Pyschedelic Renegades was limited to 950 numbered copies worldwide, all of which were signed by Mick Rock. 320 of these copies were Deluxe copies. All Deluxe copies have been signed by Mick Rock and also by Syd Barrett. These copies are hand-bound in full orange and turquoise leathers carefully pared and butted together to match the painted floorboards in Syd Barrett’s Earl’s Court flat. The Deluxe books are also decorated with gilt tooling and have gilded page edges.

Thanks for commenting here John. I have no doubts now that Syd signed Mick's books. Indeed, fact is stranger than fiction.

If anyone knows of a Mick Rock signed edition of "psychedelic renegades" for sale, please let me know. 

i actualy did a search a  non are available

my guess would be for price probaly 8-10 k and who knows

i found a mick rock signed bowie sold for 4k so syd god only knows

8-10K? Did we not look at one signed by Syd last night for $5,900?

(No, I can't find it). The link should be in our saved chat.

OK, maybe I can find it.

Syd's signed Mick Rock book # 289/320

I think that book was only signed by Mick.

And the problem w/ these MR books is that they are astronomically overpriced. Jeebus, I can buy authentically owned and signed Syd items for far less. These books are designed for commercialism and the big name that is Mick Rock. And that's why I had a hard time believing Syd signed. But Mick must have held a special place in Syd's heart for him to graciously do it

How could it be # 289 and not signed by Syd? It says "signed by Syd Barret" clearly in the text? What am I missing?

"...signed by Mick Rock and the late Syd Barrett on the limitation page and the verso. Limited to 950 (320 Deluxe) copies signed of which this is number 298/320..."

ahhh ok

that was the link I couldn't open last night

I wonder about the number 320 Barrett sigs for the book. It's an odd number. I'm going to guess there were more of these papers signed and Mick kept a few for himself and close friends. Doesn't make much sense to sell them all and have none for himself. And I'm really hoping that some were signed either Roger or Syd Barrett and they one day surface on the open market. Hey... one can dream haha



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