I started this thread to gather information on Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett signatures to hopefully determine just how rare or common he is to collect. 

As well as hopefully determine current market values.

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The number will have some significance I suspect. "Syd" was a different identity - I imagine these book signatures will be limited to this final "Barrett" persona, as signed.

Yes 320 might have some significance. 

Here's another significant fact.>> As of 2011, there has only been 1 photo w/ Syd Barrett's signature on it ever to be found. And this makes me realize just how difficult it is to find his signatures. The Mick Rock book (2002) and the Cheffin's auction (2006) have given the market the largest collection. 

Yes, but an SP is one form. I would not literally gauge the frequency of other forms based on the rarest items. The other forms, the books and Cheffins material, may well represent a very large chunk, but the family states he signed an unknown quality of material for fans (this would include the earlier years as well as later for this discussion), so that is an X. I imagine most are tightly held, and some will have been lost one way or another.

All true. And it's impossible to know how many exist. But it is not impossible to make a judgement on rarity vs commonality. 

If you want, Beatles, Stones, Zep, Who, Bowie, Floyd, Elvis etc... just sit back and choose. But Syd is a different animal. See my point?

Most items may never surface to the market and yet some may trickle in. I'd like to know what that signed photo by Irene W (1967) sold for. I'll bet someone on here knows. 

I'll find a Mick Rock signed book one day, but at a price I'm comfortable with. Maybe in some old book store bargain bin for $20 30yrs from now haha

Yes extremely rare. But look at how the picture has changed in under 24 hours. I am saying that the box has certainly just opened up so this is maybe not a good time to judge IMO - that's all. It has been said that he would literally never have signed those books and/or was incapable, but that is not true. You stated in this thread the value was perhaps 8-10K and that is now 3k$/make an offer. You said there were none available - but there are at least 2 or maybe 3 for sale. His family has said that he signed for various fans - that seemed additional information as well.I am not trying to poke you - I am saying that this indicates to me more research is needed, but YMMV. I would certainly need more data if I were pursuing these kinds of items.

This thread alone has yielded some great information and responses like John's! 

Edited for correction. My mistake.

Uhmmm.... you'll have to find my quotes of where I said "8-10K" & "none were available".  

You may want to finish your coffee and wake up first 

And I can edit whatever I like on MY thread


"Uhmmm.... you'll have to find my quotes of where I said "8-10K" & "none were available".

You may want to finish your coffee and wake up first 

And I can edit whatever I like on MY thread

thx" - Goodcat


"i actualy did a search a  non are available

my guess would be for price probaly 8-10 k and who knows" - Goodcat. That is from yesterday in this thread.

I am not looking for argument or disagreeable-ness (OK I made that word up). You know this. I am only trying to suggest a reappraisal is perhaps in order with the new landscape.

Dude... have another coffee.

You're quoting John Shaw... NOT me.

Hi Sean. Yes, I see. I'm sorry; I made a mistake (quickest way to learn, generally speaking, if not the most pleasant). But I will stick to my base points. This thread started with a question mark over those Barrett books, and that has been fairly well eliminated.

I'd figured you'd wake up haha

I asked how many exist. The answer is nobody really knows. And that just seems obvious no matter who we talk about. But I wanted to find some kind of gauge, and NOT an accurrate count to get this thread rolling and to somehow prove that his sigs are not easily found... which is also true. 

It's pretty tough to disagree with the fact that Syd Barrett sigs are a rarity.... THIS is my point.

Can we move on now and get off square one?

This thread is a learning process... there's no need to rehash what we can all clearly read and learn from. 

Sean, I admitted my mistake. I have apologized to you and John. I do not need guidance on what and how to post. It is not my position that changed (which is why I suggested some general reappraisal, and I still do) - I thought those those Mick Rock book signatures were good "after only a day of looking" as you put it, and before that additional information and exemplars, and not your "24 years of research". I would not spend the time I have on this if I were not interested in assisting you. And I agree, a straight read of this thread shows what it shows.



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