I started this thread to gather information on Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett signatures to hopefully determine just how rare or common he is to collect. 

As well as hopefully determine current market values.

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Sorry, that is David Gilmour bottom right.

I just wanted to point out the specifics because I hear people getting it wrong many times. Not meaning you specifically. And yes this is all very old news and can be found on youtube

But like you said, fun facts for Syd fans

Here is some garbage currently offered up by iOffer

every Syd is done is the same format and this clown still can't get even close to authentic form. Which is of course a good thing. 


Pink Floyd Syd Barrett Roger Waters x4 autograph

Pink Floyd signed Syd Barrett Roger Waters autograph

Pink Floyd Syd Barrett Roger Waters Nick Rick autograph

And thanks to a member here who was asking about this site, I found this piece of crapola they have listed for sale


Pink Floyd Fully Signed Original Lineup Syd Barrett Autograph Page Certified

It's certainly been awhile posting here. Not much action in the Syd world of selling like there was quite some time ago. For some reason it seemed like a Barrett fest for selling, and now dropped off.

And then this .... the real doozy of an item

I'm adding this because it deserves to be here.
Many AML members and a few behind closed doors people think this one is authentic.

Well... there's a darn good chance it is real. I'm going to say a 99% chance legit. All signatures match well with known exemplars in my files as well as other people's files. 
I'm leaving the 1% to float in the wind, because if I owned this piece, I would probably always have a slight feeling of being unsure and to trace the real background of this would prove to be long and windy path which may never be conclusive after all this time.

Recently sold for I believe approx $8000usd on the Saleroom auction site.
If this baby is real, then I believe it fetched it's rightful value.

I still don't know who Ella is/was, but I believe she must have been a friend of the band in some way or at least a groupie. One full signed item is special enough, but to have 3 is amazing. 

This really is one the coolest Syd Barrett items I have ever seen come on the market. 

Really a beauty! Unfortunatly not mine...

BTW: the "barrettbook" is still avaiable, at the moment for a 50% discount! So, finally I grabbed the signature edition.

Use this link: http://barrettbook.com/celebrate/

Nice :) 

Its probably the best book ever published about Syd Barrett 

Piper at the Gates of Dawn signed by all members!!!!!

The ONLY Syd Barrett signed LP myself or other personal Floyd collector friends have ever seen. A very special item brought to my attention by my friend Seamus. Cheers mate.

Sold over 10 yrs ago at auction for about 1500GBP
Who's got this baby now I wonder?


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Wow a one of a kind piece.definitely won’t be seeing another anytime soon.i would love to own it for sure!!!

Very happy you appreciate this piece Paul

I'm speechless about it

btw, I was so speechless when I posted it, I even got fumbly and meant to say

WOWZAAZ ..... or ... YEOWZAA    haha

Just seeing this is a great Xmas gift

I know why u mean.i wonder who owns it now.what an awesome piece!id love the opportunity to buy it!!

merry Xmas!!!!

we'll be battling for buying rights if it ever comes up for sale hahaha

merry xmas friend



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