I started this thread to gather information on Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett signatures to hopefully determine just how rare or common he is to collect. 

As well as hopefully determine current market values.

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Absolutely incredible piece !!!!!

The Holy Grail really does exist ha haa

Thanks so much for posting this Andreas. This is a perfect addition here. 

I can't make out what's going on in Syd's sig at the bottom of the "Y"

Is Gilmour on this? I don't see him. Maybe I need another coffee haha

Of course! "David" is under the "Syd"!

Ahhh yesss, I see it now going vertically.

Sneaky psychedelic boyz haha

Beautiful poster. 20k easy

Wow,that is awesome.A one of a kind for sure.

Incredible indeed!

There is an exhibition now about these concerts in Lewes, only a few days. If you are living in south england , you have to go!


50th Anniversary Pink Floyd Syd Barrett’s last gig exhibition and event

19.1.1968 5-Mann Pink Floyd in Lewes

Exhibition commemorating the Pink Floyd’s performance at Lewes Town Hall, Sussex on 19th January 1968. This was the end of Syd Barrett’s live career with the band and the beginning of David Gilmour’s.

Open Thursday 18th January 10-5.30pm until Saturday 20th January 2018 Later on Friday 19th, the actual anniversary, when from 4-8 PM there will also be a rare good quality late 1967 live recording of Pink Floyd together with a live projection of the original liquid light show using projectors actually used at UFO club in 1967. Also present will be people who saw the Floyd at the time.

Lewes Town Hall
18 High Street, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2QS Lewes

Free Entry

Great post Andreas

I wonder if that signed poster will be displayed. Probably behind bullet proof glass and an armed guard haha

Hopefully someone can be there and let us know how it was. 

time for a new installment

here (currently on ebay) is yet another Roger Barrett personal book from Cheffins lot #725

BUT... this is the most atypical form I have seen

This is also the same seller that has sold a few books and is the seller I bought mine from. 

One of the biggest problems with this Cheffins auction is that their LOA only pertains to the lot # and not each specific book. Cheffins really screwed up on this auction and I know several people share this sentiment. 


This item did not sell for the opening bid of 625GBP

Maybe a bit too atypical but at least the asking price is within reason

I'd like to know how many signed books this seller has remaining. I know at least 5 have been put up for sale or sold over the years and of the 23 books in this lot, only about 10-12 were signed I was told. 

Since this threads inception, not one new Barrett signature has surfaced that I'm aware of. It still remains true that Syd signed items are very rare no matter what year it is from. 

Just a couple Fun/ Weird Facts about Syd Barrett: Did you know the Pink Floyds first song "Arnold Layne" was about an underwear bandit there in Cambridge. Roger Waters lived next door to Syd, when they were growing up. "Shine on you Crazy Diamond" was a Tribute to Syd. As an Artist, he would photograph his paintings (for art books he was working on), then he would burn the canvases. Cheffins raised over 121,000 Pounds from the Syd Barrett Auction, all of which was donated for Scholarships, for Local Art Students. Per Syd's request. Just some fun facts.

Also... Arnold Layne was originally banned from airplay because of so-called explicit content of woman's undies haha. That's the 60's in the UK for ya.

Also... I must correct one thing that almost everyone gets wrong. "Shine on you crazy diamond" song was NOT specifically about Syd. It was a Roger Waters song about people in general with mental illness in the world. However, "Wish You Were Here" song was specifically written about Syd Barrett. And there were references on "The Wall" about Syd as well. 

In the book entitled "Barrett", put together by his family after death, there are the photos of his burned paint works. That is the best book about him that I have ever seen and also includes many of his hand written letters. 

It's funny how many stories still pop up from time to time. 

And here is a photo that popped up around 2002 ish I believe. Its a generic photo of the Isle of Wight 1969 festival in the UK and was later identified to be Syd Barrett sitting in the audience with friend beside him. She has confirmed that her and Syd attended this festival, presumably for Syd to see Bob Dylan. This of course is over a year after his Floyd departure. 

almost looks like David Gilmour (bottom right) but this is not confirmed I don't think.



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