I started this thread to gather information on Barrett.

How many Legit sigs are known to exist? And this would include his book inscriptions from the Cheffins auction of 2006. And many other questions and answers to be included.

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Thx brutha

I was shaking in the last few minutes and seconds of the bid countdown

Today will be drinks to celebrate

Im still in shock..

Please know I am very happy for you. This has it all. Late date, binding not missing. Good strong sig w contrast. I think you did very well!  

You know I am very happy for you - all qualities!! Great date - everything A+++!!!

Thx Eric.

You know how much I wanted this.

and you played a big part in getting it. 

Your inputs don't go unnoticed or appreciated. 

That means so much to me Sean. I only wanted to help select quaklity. Truly. So happy for you because I know what this means to you. You got it!!! :) 

Thx again Eric.

This is a very special piece and will be well taken care of, using cotton gloves and protected case with acid free paper to preserve the signature and cover from wearing. And thx for your advice on how to take care it. I know you have extensive knowledge in museum pieces.

I can only hope that the owners of these items who have aquired them to sell for profit, are taking proper care of them. These are considered works of art with the handmade covers. 

The people who I just bought this Roger Barrett book from tell me that they were the couple that bought Lot 725 at the 2006 Cheffins auction. They went on to say that there are about 15 signed/initialed books in that lot of 23. 

This is good news. 

Also, there were a few other signed/initialed books sold separately.

That would bring an unofficial count to say approx 20 books. 

I've sent an email to Cheffins and asked for detailed information on these books. Hopefully they reply with good news. 

I would like to know how many Syd Barrett exemplars exist within the top auntenticators. I know that one authenticator has a count in the 20's. The problem with this is how many exemplars are the same.  Add this count to the Cheffins 20 and the Mick Rock 320 and I would bet this total would give a good indication of how rare Barrett signatures are.  

I went through one auction site and found that since around 2007 to present, only about 15 Barrett signatures have been listed by them. That's a pretty darn small number.

I'd like to talk about this book, and I'm sure Eric will weigh in here haha

It's a bit of an oddity. The book is 1988 and the signature/inscription is 1988. But, it has remnants that it was covered in Roger's hand crafted paper and taped which also covered the ink work. I wonder why?

Also, it looks like the person who owns/owned it has removed the paper cover to reveal the ink work and sell it. This is a bit disturbing as now I would consider it a damaged piece of art. 

I have no clue who removed the cover and or why, but I would like to know the story behind it. 

If anyone knows it's background...please add comments.

Yes I know it came from Cheffins auction Lot #725


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