Didn't want to post the name and freak people out because it's probably nothing but I got an email that Ringo Starr will be on Talkshoplive tonight and will have a special announcement. like I said probably nothing but this site has been selling autographed items of a lot of big names lately so I figured it might be worth checking out. if there are autographs I'm sure they won't last long. on at 7:00 eastern and here's the link just in case anyone wants to check it out


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Here is the announcement :

Catch Ringo on Talk Shop Live on Thurs, August 12 at 4 pm PT/7 pm ET for a special announcement!

Saw this the other day and I think this would be the first one in this channel without offering a signed item for sale. 

yeah, I am hoping the special announcement will be signed Cds and vinyl but we will see. 

Especially since he stopped signing for people due to the flippers, I believe.

Yeah, I honestly can't remember ever seeing him sell anything signed so I figured he probably quit signing a long time ago. also why I think it's probably not what the announcement is but still worth tuning in just in case lol.

There is items for sale now...but no mention of signed...?


Yeah doesn't look like anything signed, sorry to get hopes up but I figured it was worth a shot to tune in and didn't want anyone to miss out if it was. 

Thanks. I also collect vinyl so I ordered a copy. Cool with it signed or not.

I met Ringo when I was 14 or 15 years old.  A friend of mine said he was at a restaurant in my hometown (Saratoga Springs, NY.)  He was in town for a show at SPAC.  I rode my bike to the restaurant and met my friend.  We waited outside until he came out.  I  asked him if he was Ringo Starr.  He said he wasn't but that he got that a lot.  The accent was absolutely unmistakable.  This would have been in the mid-1980's, so there may have been a reluctance to interaction/signing even back then.  Still a cool memory.


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