New to the Forum and glad to be part of it. Your help would be Greatly Appreciated. My wonderful Parents saved their hard earned money & bought me this great Phil Collins autographed tambourine as a Christmas present, I was so surprised & Love it. Also do you all recognize this company ? The company they purchased it from said they have 25 years experience in the business and have ads showing they put on autograph collectible events & at the events JSA authentication will be there. The company is called Championship Caliber out of Florida, they have had tons of instruments & etc autographed items on Etsy & etc sites. The autographed Tambourine came with their COA which is really neat & like a plastic credit card. I would love to have other opinions of the authenticity, so again your help would be so appreciated.

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I'm sure it's not authentic. You will probably need to get it checked for evidence purposes. As mentioned by another, you will need evidence that it's not authentic.

Mikex, Thanks Again for everything. I am in the works & have sent messages to try and get it authenticated.

I would not let hope or disappointment cloud your judgement. As others have said, it looks like a copy if a design done elsewhere.

I would start by contacting the seller and then PP right afterward if necessary (and maybe the cc company).

JK, Thank You So Much for your encouragement, I appreciate it. Trying to keep hope & continuing to Pray. I am in the works of trying to contact the seller and then will proceed from there. Again I appreciate your help & information.

Here’s another one from Etsy:

Hello BallroomDay67, Thanks for your post. I searched for Phil Collins signed Tambourine on Etsy and couldn't find anything. Do you have the link to the Etsy ad ?

I actually found the image using a Google search. Apparently it was sold and is no longer on Etsy.

BallroomDays67, Oh OK. Thank You for sharing though, that way we know there are other Tambourines signed with sketch & quote out there and hopefully they are real, but if not hope the truth will come out so no one else will get hurt.

I can’t see them being real, unfortunately. They’re too similar to the previously posted original, and now you have two from the same source.

Agree 100%. The same source is the final nail in the coffin.

G G-

Any developments?


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