This is the album, not the single - expected to be shipping in April. It must be noted immediately though that her track record for non-UK signed items is BAD, with all of the limited edition 7in. vinyl from last year being rubber stamped. If you're somehow satisfied that such issues have been resolved (personally, I'm not), then go for it.

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Well, these finally started shipping. Given that she seems to actually be signing everything this year, thinking these should be good. We’ll find out soon.

Yeah, she signed these. Saw a couple pics on Twitter. I’ll have mine in a couple days. 

Last year’s situation was so strange. I think Tate really tried to right that wrong here.

Had she wanted to do that she would have owned up to the stamp and refunded people. Which she and her camp did not do. Actually sending out what was advertised is not considered righting a wrong. It's getting caught in a lie/scam and not making the same mistake twice is all.

I was refunded. Were you not?

Nope. Fought with them for a while and they wouldn't budge. They wouldn't even admit to the stamp. Like I have said before with this hobby you win some and you lose some. It wasn't a lot of money but more of the point. This was just one of the times it didn't fall in my favor. Not mad about it but she lost any kind of support from me in the future.

Second City seemed really uneven with they whole thing to be sure.

From a monetary standpoint - I think there still is some legit demand for the items as collectibles, as they were limited pressings. I think I threw them on ebay with full disclaimers regarding the stamps and actually got more than I expected. Probably worth even a bit more now. As I kinda thought would be the case, she's getting big fast so all of her stuff is in increasing demand.

I agree. At some point I will probably do the same. I just mixed them in with my 7 inchers for now.

Just arrived.


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